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IT Architect, Full-Stack Developer, Cryptographer and Pilot.


About me

A bit of narcissism



I design my clients' solutions architecture. With my clients. (It's better that way)

Full-Stack Developer


From the back-end to the front-end, using APIs hitting database replicated on the moon while sending notifications on the bathroom TV.

Html/CSS/JS (Bootstrap/jQuery/VueJS/Apache Cordova), PHP (Laravel ++), MySQL/Sqlite, C/C++ (Qt Ambassador), Ruby (Few homebrew packages)



Implementation of encryption protocols to secure data during storage or exchanges.
Big Brother... 🤫

QCA contributor, few enterprise projects


Embedded systems, Home Automation and M2M

If I was able to connect my house, based on Arduino, ESP-8266 and Home Assistant, at the price of some frictions with my other half… It means I can do it anywhere else.

Republic of Congo

Child of Congo

Believe it, it's a skill.

That said, I also worked on a project to computerize the Cadastre with the Ministry of Land Affairs in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Private Pilot

Private Pilot

MikroTik Certified Consultant

MikroTik Certified Consultant

Network Associate, IPv6 Engineer, Routing Engineer, Traffic Control Engineer, Wireless Engineer

MikroTik Certified Academy Trainer

MikroTik Academy Trainer

Academy Trainer in ITIC Paris, higher education institution.


If the social networks are not enough